Food is so much more than just nutrients. It is a consistent ritual that fuels you to live a happy and healthy life. Food brings friends and family together, so let’s have fun with it! Join me on your journey to develop a healthy relationship with food!



What’s a health Promotion officer? In the words of my dear (ex) colleague and friend – Think Slip Slop Slap, it’s about promotion health to the general public in bite-sized pieces to promote a safe, healthy and inclusive community. This can be anything from healthy eating, exercise to the prevention of violence against women. SO in a way I guess I haven’t completely quit that passion because that is exactly what I first started Shelley’s Good Eats to do. To share no bullshit nutrition, recipes and most of all the path to developing a healthy relationship with food.

My love for food sprouted from the day I began baking along side my mother at the ripe age of 3 years old! Yep, I used to have a special stool I would climb up on and get my hands dirty, make a little too much mess, but best of all learn a skill I could use for a lifetime. Tie this in with my passion for nutrition, which became evident through completing my Bachelor of Nutrition and Food science, and later my Masters of Public Health Nutrition I have developed what you now know as Shelley’s Good Eats.


Hi, I’m Shelley

Food and Nutrition are my absolute jam and bringing them to you is an easy, bite sized way is what I live for!

I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet, often finding myself on the floor – usually a result of tripping over my own feet. This might have something to do with the fact that I am 6’3 (or 190cm) aka a giant amongst most of my friends.

I love to make a mess in the kitchen, writing isn’t really my thing, but I have vowed to get better so that I can share my journey and passion with all you of amazing people!!

After 6 years of studying I got what I thought was my dream job! A Health Promotion Officer at a NGO in the Beautiful Melbourne, Australia. But I recently quit that job to take my photography and content creation business full time – Good Eats Creative. And now I am moving my life back up to sunny QLD the place I have called home for a good 20 years to live my boyfriend and live out all my entrepreneur dreams!


Shelley’s Good Eats is a hub to build a healthy relationship with food. It is a place to ditch diets, the guilt we feel around eating and the confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not. It is a place to provide clarity with evidence based research and nutrition education. But mostly it is a place to inspire YOU to be the healthiest you, both physically and mentally.

SGE is filled with recipes for the everyday person, college student and family – EVERYONE! Check in every Monday for a new #MondayMythbuster, which is my way to share with you the (evidence based) truth behind the fads that fill our screens promising eternal health via juice cleanse, increased energy by cutting out the very food our body needs and fad diets that promise you will drop the kg’s but in actual fact only help you drop money…..

This website/blog started as a way for me to share the nutrition info I was learning at school and the recipes I learnt as child, but now it has become a community and I am so damn thankful for everyone person that visit my little slice of the internet and connects with me.

Here’s to ditching the bullshit and actually making health easy!