Fads be gone…
Let’s make friends with *ALL * food instead

We make nutrition fun (and simple) again. Because life is too short to cut cake. Help your kids grow a strong healthy friendship with food.

Nutrition for your family, without the side of guilt.

Ok I am *IN*, Shelley!

Let’s make friends with food…. But how?


With tried and tasted recipes your family with love. Access hundreds of free recipes.


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Shelley’s Good Eats is a playful Sunshine Coast nutrition hub dedicated to teaching families about making lasting food friendships.

With an appetite like the Cookie Monster, Shelley (Bsc, PHNutr) shares helpful, *gasp* fun and real stalk info about nutrition with kids and parents across Australia.

Unlike her name, Founder (and cake addict) Shelley Judge is NOT judgy. As a qualified Nutritionist you might think Shelley doesn’t eat pasketty. Says ‘NO WAY!’ to gluten. And has never been through a drive thru. But she’s done all those things! Shelley believes we should all eat the food we love. And it’s her core mission to teach mums, dads, boys and girls how to understand, prepare and eat fuss-free food that’s forking delish.

Shelley's Good Eats Services

As the cool aunt of kids nutrition, Shelley teaches kids about the food we eat and where it comes from, so they can grow big and strong never fearing food friendships.

Plus, mum and dad get to steal her epic recipes, which are a total bonus! Shelley’s Good Eats is your go-to for inspirational meal-time nibbles, empowering workshops and skills to last a lifetime (saying nuh-uh to foodie fads!).


Stop. Nibble time.

In case you didn’t realise… recipes are our THING!

Yoghurt Fruit Skewers
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Yoghurt Fruit Skewers

These skewers take fruit and yoghurt to a whole new level of fun for your kids! Get them to help you make these Yoghurt fruit skewers by threading their favourite fruit onto the wooden skewers. This snack is loaded with calcium that your…
Macn Cheese
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Veggie Filled Mac N’ Cheese

Is there any more of a 'kid friendly' meal than Mac N' Cheese. I haven't never met a kid that doesn't love it!   I put that mainly down to the plain cheesy flavour of traditional Mac N' Cheese. I have spoken about this a little…
Vegan Choc Fudge Cookies
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Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Filled to the brim with chocolate, you would think these double choc fudge cookies couldn't possibly be good for your kids! But that is where you're wrong. As far as sweet treats go, these cookies hold up pretty well in the 'nutrition department'.…
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Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta The perfect family meal made in just 20mins. With a rich creamy sauce and loaded with delicious flavour and vegetables! 500 g Chicken thigh (diced)1 brown onion (diced)1 zucchini (grated)1 tbsp extra…

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