Attention forking frustrated parents!

Whether your kid’s 1 year old or 8:

Mealtimes shouldn’t be
*crying face* times

But right now, they feel like 

some stressful, annoying & frustrating 

challenge you absolutely, without 

question did NOT sign up for. 

*Ears begin to steam*


There’s no denying it:
feeding kids is hard.

They’re fussy, staaaarving, surprisingly full, indecisive…

…love nibbling crumpets today and hate ‘em “more than eating socks, yuck, Dad!” tomorrow. 

Add a HUGE scoop of pressure to feed the little ones enough nutritious foods…

Two dollops of schoolyard mums telling you to limit sugar, gluten, dairy… 

And you feel more scattered than an aisle of spilt M&Ms. 

Young child having a cranky tantrum

(^^ “How dare you put tomato on my sandwich”)

Mum cooking a meal for her kids

So, you’re:

Tired (already!) just thinking about dinner tonight

Unsure if your little tacker’s *actually* getting enough nutrients

Secretly sick of leading by example even though you want your kids growing up being best friends forever with all foods

Struggling to get them to eat every food on their plate

Disappointed that they don’t get involved in the kitchen 

Lettuce talk about how we’re gonna fix this!

You love your cherub, really, you do (but you’re human, too) 

So sometimes the only option is to throw your hands in the air, shout “fine!” and microwave a platter of sausage rolls, fish fingers and chicken nuggets…

…because THAT’S your last hope at keeping your sanity.

Feels like you?
Of course it does –

I mean, how many more times can you:

  • Reach for backup foods when those *little angels* refuse what you’re giving them?
  • Stay calm as dinner’s scraped into the bin (even though they liked it yesterday)
  • Scramble to put together random, last-minute meals before you call it quits (because they don’t even try it)

Same sift. Different day.

🥦 Real stalk:

When your kiddos refuse food, it feels 

like a slimy mackerel ‘slap!’ in the face.

Sure, it’s one thing to cook the food. 

But to get them to eat the stuff? Whole new kettle of squish. 

ALL YOU WANT is for them to try more things and 

eat what you put in front of them.

For beets’ sake – is that too much to ask?!

^ Nope!

You’re confused as fudge.

And deep down in your mushy chocolate lava heart, you’re a bit worried too. Because you know nutrition is 110% important. 

“But are they getting enough?”

Of course, you want your kidlet to grow big
and strong with healthy food friendships.
But where to start?

(You weren’t taught this info)

Sarah says organic is the only way.

Johnno limits ice cream for little Joey

to once a month and tells you to do the same.

Every time Aunty Cheryl sees a loaf of bread 

on the counter she rolls her eyes.

Firstly, let’s flip that conversation:

Modern media tells us to restrict foods we actually shouldn’t

✖️ There’s no need to glare at gluten

✖️ Shush the sugar

✖️ Despise the dairy

✖️ Or even sack the salt

Studies show that restricting ‘bad’ foods makes kids want them even more

So, changing those little rascals’ beliefs starts with you.

You don’t want your kids growing up thinking there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods or passing on niggling food issues of your own.

^ You’d fal-afel

You’re not alone.

Do you want to:

  • Save money, time and food frustrations?
  • Know exactly what to feed your ankle biters?
  • Dig your spoon into mealtimes that are *actually* fun?
  • Help your little tacker grow up to be best friends forever with all foods?
  • Fist pump the air because you know the kids are getting all their nutrients?

Here’s the good news:

Family mealtimes just got yummier, faster, easier and way more fun

For less than the cost of a nugget a day!

Shelley Judge

Hey, I’m Shelley!

A small business owner, yoga fanatic, dog lover and cheese addict. I’m also the Cool Aunt of Kids’ Nutrition here to make healthy eating FUN and EASY!

You’ve spent hours Googling recipes, tips and info. And I bet it’s been damn lonely. Now you’re running out of ideas for easy, healthy (and tasty!) recipes. Plus it feels impossible to get the kids involved… 

…But have you ever had someone guide you and your family through what actually works for you? 9 times out of 10, this is the missing link. I’d love to be that person. 

I’ve got your kid and nutritionist approved solution. All so you never have to navigate what to feed your kids (and how to get them to eat!) alone ever again.  

Come on this food journey with me, so together your kids can grow up with healthy friendships with all foods! All while making mealtimes together fuss-free, easy and fun (even for you!).

Shelley’s explanations are the best. Thank you so much for demystifying everyday nutrition!

– Bianca

Shelley offers the support I need to make sure my toddlers are eating wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods! Thank you!

– Grecian

Wow! Thank you so much. The recipes and ideas are all so fantastic.

– Alice

Ready to stop worrying about what to feed your kids, find out how to get them to *actually* eat and help them create lifelong healthy food friendships?!


Kid & Nutritionist Approved!

The Good Little Eaters Club!

Your hub for delicious, family-friendly recipes, the latest evidence-backed info and practical tools to take the pressure, stress and confusion out of mealtimes so you and your kids can be best friends forever with food. 

Recipes under $3 per serve | Club for less than a nugget a day!

✓ Know exactly what to feed the kids

✓ Adequate nutrition with 100% certainty

✓ Get the kids involved!

✓ Create lifelong food friendships

✓ Real support from a Nutritionist

✓ Strategies to make mealtimes fun!

What makes The Good Little Eaters Club different?


Expect simple food shortcuts, cheap ingredients (Aldi, Coles or Woolies have them all) and easy recipes (you’re busy, so they have to be!)

Real support from a

Unlike courses that leave you to fend for yourself, I’ve designed this Club to be there with you every step of the way. Real-time support without the 1:1 price tag!

Designed to involve the

With mystery action activities and snackable lessons, you’ll learn exactly how to get the kids involved to create lifelong skills, healthy food relationships and memories!

Cheap as chips

Your Club costs less than a large Maccas fries a week and serves up meals for less than $3 each! Enjoy just as much happiness as you’d get from those salty sticks of heaven.

Illustrated Single Scoop of Ice Cream in Cone


Single Scoop:

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More like reci-please can we have this again! Affordable, fast and fuss-free foods the whole family thinks are ‘yu-hum!’ (they’re good for them too)

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2 NEW recipes
per week

Because who’s got time to scroll for daaaays searching for new things to try? Receive your new favourite family recipes delivered straight to your course portal


triple scoop & get:

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Everything in
Single Scoop

The tastiest bank of kid and nutritionist approved recipes! Find your family’s new favourite, or discover fresh ideas weekly!


10 Snackable

It’s no snaccident these trainings are 10 minutes or less. Learn strategies to get kids involved, excited about cooking and eating every food on their plate


1 Q&A
per month

Feel confident feeding your kids with personalised help from me (recorded and time-stamped for easy reference!)


1 NEW Training
per month

Each month we sink our spoons into a new core theme. Think learning more about mealtime strategies, nutrition, body image and more


1 Mystery Action

Whether it’s a challenge for the kids to choose, make and serve dessert, mealtime games or reflective practices for parents, put your learning in to action at your own pace!


Community for

Whether it’s a challenge for the kids to choose, make and serve dessert, mealtime games or reflective practices for parents, put your learning in to action at your own pace!

How this works:

  1. Join us
  2. Log in to your portal
  3. Access recipes, learning, community and Q&As from your desktop or mobile!

It’s time to make mealtimes fast, fuss-free and fun!

Illustrated Single Scoop of Ice Cream in Cone


  • Recipes Club
  • – 50+ Recipe Spread
    2 x NEW Recipes per week
  • Monthly payments of:
  • $9.95 AUD
  • Cancel any time


  • Recipes Club
  • – 50+ Recipe Spread
    2 X NEW Recipes per week
    – 10 Core Trainings
    1 X NEW Training per month
    – Online Community Access
    1 X Q & A per month
    – 1 X Mystery Action Activity
    Extra Treats in Your Trolley
  • Monthly payments of:
  • $14.95 AUD
  • Cancel any time

Buy now and score these


Meal + Shopping List


Get organised for the week with this easy to use printable template. Get the kids involved in developing a weekly meal plan!


3 X Kids’ Cooking Lessons


Play along at home! Tune in to learn a new recipe and cook with the kids (and me!).


Mealtime Success Guide

VALUED AT $19.95

Make mealtimes a breeze with easy-to-follow steps that teach you exactly how to manage food refusals, table time tantrums and new food freak-outs! This is your guide to happy, healthy and fun mealtimes and making them a reality for you and your family.


Eat The Rainbow Colouring Book


A collection of printable colouring pages featuring fun illustrations of fruits, veggies, snacks and more! Your little tacker can learn to identify foods in a fresh way, by tracing their names and colouring in their pictures!

That’s over $180 value in bonuses alone!

Not to mention the fuss-free, time-saving, budget-smashing
recipes and strategies you’ll learn (to create healthy food friendships, forever)

It’s time to stop dreading mealtimes and start making lifelong memories!

Kid & Nutritionist Approved


Illustrated Single Scoop of Ice Cream in Cone


  • Recipes Club
  • – 50+ Recipe Spread
    2 x NEW Recipes per week
  • Monthly payments of:
  • $10 AUD
  • Cancel any time


  • Recipes Club
  • – 50+ Recipe Spread
    2 X NEW Recipes per week
    – 10 Core Trainings
    1 X NEW Training per month
    – Online Community Access
    1 X Q & A per month
    – 1 X Mystery Action Activity
    Extra Treats in Your Trolley
  • Monthly payments of:
  • $14.95 AUD
  • Cancel any time

Here’s what other parents are saying:

Shelley has definitely saved the day! There are so many great savoury and sweet recipes in there and heaps that are freezer-friendly. Most importantly, my picky eater enjoyed them!!”

“Shelley offers the support I need to assist with the ever-changing likes and dislikes that toddlers are known for which is really good for my peace of mind! Me and my 3-year-old love getting stuck in the kitchen together and making your delicious recipes! Thank you!”

“Love it! Really great and really simple ideas which is exactly what I need as a working mum.”

“The Sticky Pork Balls were such a hit with Miss 7 – she even went back for seconds!

Questions Whisked By You:

The best part (kind of like the crackling!) of this Club is that you receive my real-time support and steps to follow if your kids are being tricky at mealtimes or are overly fussy (<< a phase by the way). If you still feel it’s not for you, cancel your Club at any time.

Unlike courses, there’s no pressure to turn up live each week. Build your family’s food friendships when it suits you! Plus, these recipes are designed to whip up quickly and affordably! All lessons are a snackable 10 minutes or less.

All recipes offer substitutes and suggestions for gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and vegetarian requirements.

Of course you can! You’ll just miss out on these bonus tasties in your trolley (valued at over $180) and I can’t guarantee this founding price will be here long. Buy now and secure the lowest ever founding price for the lifetime of your Club.

Are you ready to make mealtimes more enjoyable for you and your littlies? Be the first to access the Good Little Eaters Club 🍪
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