Recycling how to's and don't dos

Recycling – The how to’s and don’t dos

From Instagram to a current affair…from Greta Thunberg to Leonardo DiCaprio, climate change is one of the most spoken about topics on everyone’s radar, with sustainability quickly becoming one of the biggest new trends catching the world…
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Trio of dips – for all your holiday entertaining!

We are coming into the holiday seasons - aka a month of a whole lot of entertaining so I like to make some delicious healthy treats for my usual cheese platters. But dips are just for entertaining OR cheese platters. They are a great sensory…
Sugar in your tea

Sugar: Is it really all the same?

If you have read anything online in the past 4 years you will probably believe that sugar is evil and honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup and dates are the god send. They are the healthy alternative. Look I don’t blame you for believing this.…

Food Combining… Is it all its cracked up to be?

Myth: You need to follow food combining principles for optimal digestion   Fad diets are everywhere, I don’t need to tell you that again. But is food combining a fad diet? Or is there some truth to the rumours.   Advocates for…

Healthy Food on a budget!

Myth: Healthy Foods are expensive   Yes, I agree. ‘Healthy’ food is expensive. Or more specifically fad dieting super foods that are cleverly marketed are expensive.   But those foods are not what you really need. They make…
Summer Food Hacks - Watermelmon frappe smoothie, freeze the leftovers to save for later!

Summer food hacks – FIVE you need to try now!

Its summer, its hot, so who could be bothered standing around in the kitchen fussing over food. These are my five fabulous food hacks to stay cool calm and collected this summer:

Eat as much as you want if its healthy…

Myth: You can eat as much as you want, as long as it's healthy Bliss balls are healthy right? Yes. But so is CHEESE, so is WATERMELON, and so is WATER. But too much of any of these can be dangerous. Yes, even too much water can be incredibly…

Do you need to cut out certain food groups for a healthy diet?

Myth: You need to cut out some food groups for a healthy diet Diet culture encourages this behaviour. Every new ‘IT’ diet removes a food group or at least a large portion of a food group claiming that 'this' is your answer to being healthy.   While…

You can never have too much protein

Myth: You can never have too much protein Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein make up the macro-nutrients. In the last few years both carbs and fats have got a bad rap in the health and wellness world, but protein has long stood as one of the healthiest…

One diet fits all

Myth: One diet fits all ‘One size fits all’ – I used to see this all the time on clothes, well I call bullshit. Your one size fits all approach to clothes is discriminatory and out right silly. What fits my friend who 5’4’ is not…