Are you confused about what’s healthy and what’s not? Are you sick of dieting?

This is a FAD free, Diet Free and Bullshit Free Zone. Let’s break down some of these nutrition myth that exist and learn to love food again.



The scoop on sodium 

This week at Shelley’s Good Eats we are bringing you the scoop on sodium! During this post, we endeavour to cover all the common questions and misconceptions surrounding this nutrient, as well as some practical tips for you and your family.  What is Sodium? Sodium is...

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Your Kids and Calcium 

This week at Shelley’s Good Eats we are talking about all things calcium...and specifically why this little nutrient might deserve your attention when it comes to feeding your kids. We’ll also be discussing the important role calcium plays for your child’s bone...

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The truth about feeding your kids fats

Here at Shelley’s Good Eats, we know it can be difficult for parents to know what foods they should be feeding their kids. So today we’re discussing all things fat, and particularly the truth about feeding your kids healthy fats. With so much conflicting information...

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Why kids belong in the kitchen…

You have heard it all before cook with your kids, its great for their development, it helps them eat better. BUT why? Why is it so good? Well I am digging a little deeper into the research to show you exactly why your kids belong in the kitchen! But if you are already...

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5 Lunch box snacks you need to start packing!

School is well underway. We are either entering week 2 or week 3 (who are the lucky ones? Ha!). And you already you are sick of the lunchbox coming home full, you're at a loss of what to feed your kids? What snacks to feed them? And concerned they aren’t getting the...

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How to reduce food waste in your home

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our ‘Shelley’s Sustainability Series’. This week we are coving all things food waste…mainly how you and your family can reduce the amount of food waste in your home. And because we know how overwhelming it can be to...

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How to reduce plastic waste in your kids lunchbox

Hello and Happy New Years from us here at Shelley’s Good Eats. With the arrival of the new decade, comes the beginning of the 2020 school year. Growing children brings new uniform sizes, longer stationary lists and endless thoughts about all the basics your kids will...

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Clean up your kitchen waste this Christmas

It’s almost that time of year again…Christmas carols are on repeat at all of your favourite stores and, as if that wasn’t enough to drive you insane…it’s one week until Christmas day, and you’re still looking for the perfect sized chicken to finish off your food...

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Cooking with your kids this silly season

Hello and a very Merry Christmas from the team at Shelley’s Good Eats! In this weeks post we’re going to chat about some simple ways to get your kids involved in some fun Christmas cooking during the weeks leading up to December’s main event…Christmas! At Shelley’s...

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Recycling – The how to’s and don’t dos

From Instagram to a current affair…from Greta Thunberg to Leonardo DiCaprio, climate change is one of the most spoken about topics on everyone’s radar, with sustainability quickly becoming one of the biggest new trends catching the world by a storm. However, while it...

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