Are you confused about what’s healthy and what’s not? Are you sick of dieting?

This is a FAD free, Diet Free and Bullshit Free Zone. Let’s break down some of these nutrition myth that exist and learn to love food again.



Sugar: Is it really all the same?

If you have read anything online in the past 4 years you will probably believe that sugar is evil and honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup and dates are the god send. They are the healthy alternative. Look I don’t blame you for believing this. I believed it before I...

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Legumes – everything you need to know…

Myth: You need to follow food combining principles for optimal digestion   Fad diets are everywhere, I don’t need to tell you that again. But is food combining a fad diet? Or is there some truth to the rumours.   Advocates for the food combining principles claim that...

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Healthy Food on a budget!

Myth: Healthy Foods are expensive   Yes, I agree. ‘Healthy’ food is expensive. Or more specifically fad dieting super foods that are cleverly marketed are expensive.   But those foods are not what you really need. They make up an elitist form of health or nutrition.  ...

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5 ways to relax with a type A personality

Top tips for relaxing with a type A personality Do you constantly feel like you are on the go? Like you can’t just sit still. Even when it comes to taking time off work or your side hustle is still constantly on your mind? Do you struggle to just sit still and watch a...

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I quit my dream job

I quit my DREAM JOB and have never been HAPPIER... This international women's day I am taking the time to reflect on the big changes I have made in my life. AND take time notice that only when I take a major leap out of my comfort zone, do I achieve great things.    I...

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Long Distance – 10 Things to make it work

  You have probably seen me talk about it before, but if you don’t know I have been doing long distance with my boyfriend for over two years. At first we did 8 months, then ended up back in the same state, then we did over 16months again. But WHOOP WOO it is over, I...

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My complete guide to moving cross country

My complete Guide to Moving Interstate (Or just moving in general) Moving is stressful I get it. Between working, finding a new job, packing up everything you own, planning the removalist, car rego everything it is hard! Trust me, I am 25yrs old and lived in over 18...

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My guide to a romantic weekend away in Bright

Towards the end of last year, long distance boify flew down for one last little trip together, just us. Something we rarely got in our long distance journey as he lived with his parents in QLD and I lived with my sister in Melbourne, and though they always gave us...

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About Me

Food and Nutrition are my absolute jam and bringing them to you is an easy, bite sized way is what I live for!

I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet, often finding myself on the floor – usually a result of tripping over my own feet. This might have something to do with the fact that I am 6’3 (or 190cm) aka a giant amongst most of my friends.

I love to make a mess in the kitchen, writing isn’t really my thing, but I have vowed to get better so that I can share my journey and passion with all you of amazing people!!