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Addition vs Restriction

Yes, your child might be fussy and pull faces when you put a bowl of oats in front of them, but have you tried making banana muffins and adding oats in?   Diet culture has forced many families into believing that restricting their intake and removing foods from the diet, is going to miraculously make […]

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Does zinc really ‘boost’ your immune system?

Zinc is a mineral essential to childhood growth and development and helps build a strong immunity. Zinc deficiencies commonly affect hair, skin and nails but can also affect a child’s cognitive functioning and growth.    Zinc will not ‘boost’ your child’s immune system however if they are deficient, increasing their intake will assist in repairing […]


Why NO foods should be off limits…

You know that little black dress you’ve been eyeing off for weeks? You will probably buy it. You will prance around the house giving the kids and the hubby a fashion parade. You will wear it every time you leave the house for the next month, but then… the novelty will wear off. You will […]

Everything you need to know about Salt

What is salt? And is it really that bad for us? Sodium (salt) is an electrolyte and mineral needed by the body to help regulate fluid levels. It can also play an important role in how nerves and muscles work. The human body cannot live without sodium, however there is generally more than enough dietary […]