The cool aunt of kids nutrition

Sarah’s mum reckons dairy’s the enemy. Mrs. Crab Apple’s cutting out sugar for “30 days, it’s not that long!” And little Jimmy’s heard gluten makes his friend’s tummy funny, so now he feels “all whiiirrrly” inside after *skeddy* bol! To be honest, it’s stressing you the fork out. 

You know your kids need to eat a balanced range of foods. But you’re one “yuck mum, it tastes like DOG POOP!” away from frisbeeing pizzas across the table 7 nights a week.


Real *stalk*:

It’s okay to roll into Maccas, order UberEats and
finish off a six-pack of doughnuts from time to time.

Skip dessert? Guac that!

Eating should be yum, filling and a really happy time.
But it’s damn confusing to know what’s ‘GOOD’ food and ‘BAD’ food.
(Here’s the tea: there is NO bad food)

You want your kids to gobble your ‘famous [insert magic mum dish].’
But for that to happen: Cooking for the fam must be tasty and EASY.

Shelley's Good Eats - Family Meal Time

You wanna get the anklebiters involved in the kitchen too!

Why? ‘Coz you know it’s important they form healthy eating habits
And ‘coz you’re worried that 15 years from now you’ll be forced to
turn down their dinner invites with white lie excuses

… Dreaded party pie platters on the menu again. 🙄

Got the munchies for:

  • Fun with the kids in the kitchen?
  • Making cooking part of your family’s story?
  • Food that’s not confusing, more ‘MmmHHmming!’ (*muffled chewing noise*)?

Son of a biscuit… You’re in the right kitchen!


The Nutritionist who bakes
(and eats) cake 🍰

I help you and your
little tackers become
*best friends forever*
with food.

Say “SHUCK YEAH!” to:

  • Affordable meals that actually taste good
  • Eat tweaks (not complete pantry overhauls)
  • True facts about nutrition backed by science
Shelley Judge from Shelley's Good Eats
Shelley Judge from Shelley's Good Eats

Healthy eating ISN‘T about cutting things out.
It’s about adding more of what you love… *in*.

Shelley Judge

Shelley Judge from Shelley's Good Eats

6’3 (Non- Judgy) Fudge

Check out my tried and tasted recipe for a cheerful, passionate (qualified) and cake-loving
Nutritionist for kids with a mission to help families make best friends forever with food.

Cuisine Australian
Prep Time 6 years baking at University
Cook Time 26 years
Resting Time Only on weekends


  • 3 years Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition
  • 2 years Masters in Public Health Nutrition (Distinction)
  • 1 kitchen-loving mum
  • ½ teacup of mum’s encouragement
  • A splash of patience
  • 2 Tbsp. Sunday afternoon kitchen creations
  • ¼ cup sunshine
  • A dash of memories of mum’s baked lunchbox sweets


  1. Remove freshly baked Shelley from the oven, love for two years then pop on the kitchen bench.
  2. Pour ½ teacup of mum’s encouragement, a splash of patience and 2 Tbsp. of Sunday afternoon kitchen creations into a frypan. Heat with Shelley’s fiery heart for the confidence to experiment with food.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together stereotypically ‘GOOD’ and ‘BAD’ foods, ¼ cup sunshine and a dash of memories of mum’s daily baked lunchbox treats.
  4. Combine and press into a 6’3 (190cm) ‘University of Queensland’ tray (not kidding) lined with opportunities to work as a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador, tasty tuckshop transformations, workshop running, assembly speaking and teaching kids about healthy eating habits.
  5. Remove once golden with a Bachelor in Food Science and Nutrition sprinkled with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition.
  6. Roll 1 Tbsp of mixture into a ball of Shelley’s Good Eats, split into ½ workshops teaching kids and about nutrition, ½ really fun cooking classes and you have yourself one seriously passionate nutritionist for kids.
  7. Allow to cool – oh wait, too late.

As seen in:

When I’m not relaxing at wine and cheese nights with my girlfriends, punching a boxing bag or walking my two cute pups on the Sunshine Coast, I’m helping kids and parents make best friends forever with food (ALL the food). Oh, and I could be the tallest person you’ll ever meet.


What I’m all asprout

Making food friends

Cake’s not the enemy. Neither’s broccoli. I teach you and your kids how to enjoy both (even if it means hiding that broc in bakes – cheeky!). I teach healthy eating habits to even the fussiest of kids.

*Low* pressure cooking

To make tasty meals? You don’t need fandangle equipment. 34, 892 hours. Or to fork out pineapples for fancy sugars, oils or ‘superfoods’ (lookin’ at you $20 almond meal). Cooking should be easy – even fun!

We don’t use the ‘D’ word

‘D’ word culture is getting out of control. Food brings people together, creates joy – is used to celebrate! But the ‘D’ word (hint: rhymes with schy-it 😉) is depriving you and the kids of the food you love. Let’s flip that!

Beat the eggs up (not yourself)

“My arms look fat in this top.” “I can’t eat potatoes because they’re carbs.”
“That cake’s going straight to my thighs.”

Empowering kids to make *best friends forever* with food starts with us.

Here’s the frosty cold facts: Aussie kids as young as 5 develop eating disorders (Sloane et al., 2009).  41% of children are worried about the way they look (Etcoff et al., 2006) and 80% of 10-year-old girls have been on a diet. So… Learning healthy eating habits and making friends with foods from a young age? It’s critical. It starts with play, getting our hands dirty and having fun in the kitchen (parents and kids alike!).

What’s your flavour? 👇

Freshly Asked Croissants:

“Why are you the cool aunt of kids nutrition?”

I tell you the truth about nutrition, because I’m genuinely passionate about you getting the right info. Plus, you get to steal my easy recipes. And the kids think I’m a giant carrot who’s as clumsy as a baby giraffe, so there’s that.

“What ages are your workshops suited to, Shell?”

Good question!

I offer workshops suited to 3-5, 5-8 and 8-12 year olds. We mix fun with important information like trying easy recipes and new foods right through to body image and healthy eating habits for the older kids.

“Weiner minute – Are you actually legit?”

I spent 6 years at uni studying a Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Nutrition) and a Masters of Public Health Nutrition. I also worked in schools (think: assembly presentations, workshops and tuckshop overhauls) and had the pleasure of being one of Jamie Oliver’s 10 Food Revolution Ambassadors (you can find my recipes on Jamie’s website too). Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty legit!

“I want to hire you for my organisation. Do you do that?”

Sure do! Email me at hello@shelleysgoodeats.com for more information on my corporate options. Yum!

STOP! ✋Nibble time! 🍪