Turn mealtimes meltdowns into chow down now towns!

We make nutrition fun (and simple) again. Because life is too short to cut cake. Help your kids grow a strong healthy friendship with food.

Nutrition for your family, without the side of guilt.

Shelley’s Good Eats is a playful  nutrition hub dedicated to teaching families about making lasting food friendships.

With an appetite like the Cookie Monster, Shelley (Bsc, PHNutr) shares helpful, *gasp* fun and real stalk info about nutrition with kids and parents across Australia.

As the cool aunt of kids nutrition, Shelley teaches kids about the food we eat and where it comes from, so they can grow big and strong never fearing food friendships.

Plus, mum and dad get to steal her epic recipes, which are a total bonus! Shelley’s Good Eats is your go-to for inspirational meal-time nibbles, empowering workshops and skills to last a lifetime (saying nuh-uh to foodie fads!).

Ok I am *IN*, Shelley!

Let’s make friends with food…. But how?


We can work 1:1 to provide tailored and individualised support to help your reach your mealtime goals!

Whether you’re struggling with mealtime tantrums, trying new foods, fussy eating, nutritional requirements. We will work with you to help your kids develop a healthy relationship with ALL foods.


Stop the hours of googling and confusions and get the answers to your mealtime struggles in The Good Little Eaters Club.

Get access to our exclusive recipe database, monthly mini trainings, activities and resources as well as a monthly live Q+A with a nutritionist and an online supportive community.


Specialising in fussy eating and children’s nutrition and behavioural development.

Be it early childhood professional development or your mum’s group we can tailor a workshop to help work through your biggest challenges and get your kids eating well and making healthy choices!

What AGES can we help!

We specialise in working with kids from 18 months old right through to 8 years old.

Join our CLUB!

Backed by the latest Nutrition and food science our Club will give you the tools and confidence to navigate mealtimes and the knowledge that your kids are getting all the nutrients they need.

You will feel empowered to help your kids make health choices around food and develop a healthy relationship with ALL foods well into their future.

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STOP! ✋ Let’s make this foodie friendship official!

Join the good little eaters community to get your free guide to raising healthy little eaters.

Don’t expect inbox overwhelm, but do expect delicious recipes, discounts and more.

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