So I started this blog a while ago because I wanted to share my knowledge and share my recipes (just like the delicious caramelo eggs you see below!!). But what I never expected was to find so many amazing brands with a similar philosophy that I would get to work with every week and best of all share with all of you!! What I want to make clear is I will always be honest with you. I do sponsored posts and do receive free product from companies, I also do affiliate links with companies. While I do do this, I only work with companies that I share the same philosophy with. I only work the companies that I use on the regular and genuinely want to share with you!!

Why do I do this? Well, we all need to pay the bills somehow. I am so lucky that I can do that through something that I absolutely love. No it’s not enough to survive off – Hence I still work part-time while also studying full-time. BUT doing sponsored posts means that I can actually devote a bit of time to my blog in my busy schedule and keep on creating new content for you all! It allows me to cover the cost of ingredients and running a website to make sure I can still keep creating and not go broke in the process.

Ok, so the new company I want to introduce you too is Sprout Market. The guys over at sprout are dedicated to bringing us all healthy products on the cheap (could it get any better?). The best thing it is all online and they deliver all over Australia. You join up for $60 a year and get huge discounts off all your fav brands! Think Costco but online and healthy, sustainable products. There is everything from skin care, cleaning supplies, and sweet and savoury foods! The sprout team has kindly given all of my tribe $20 dollars off their membership and free shipping. Click here to activate the offer!

Anyway, I roamed around their shop to see if it lived up the hype and well it definitely did, and it all got delivered to my door the next day.

First off a little chocolate – because seriously who doesn’t love chocolate especially when its vegan Loving Earth. And because it is Easter I decided to use the chocolate to create Vegan Carmelo Eggs. You can get the recipe here.

OH and then there is this peanut butter – just look at that? Does it get any better? And the only ingredients are peanuts and a little salt – all that should be found in peanut butter!

Ok what are you waiting for go and buy yourself some delicious chocolate and make vegan Carmelo eggs to impress the clan this Easter! What is the best part, Scout is giving all my followers 20% off and free shipping. Head here to activate the offer.

Shelley xx


Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links