That’s it! 2017 has officially ended, and we are welcoming in the New Year. I have seen a lot of people complaining me about 2017, and waiting for a new beginning that 2018 will bring… Ummm what???

Do people forget that every year comes with its challenges and every year comes with its successes? I for one have had a year filled with both! At the start of the year I faced one of my biggest challenges and cut a family member out of my life that was toxic and draining – it was difficult, but in the end, you need to look after you. But that is enough for now, one day I may share more – but at this point, I am not ready.

My amazing Boyfriend Jackson, he helped me so much through the hard times this year – but I must say, Long distance sucks!!

My year then went on to be amazing – don’t get me wrong even the success came with the challenges but I feel so much stronger for it. My boyfriend moved to Melbourne – bring on long distance for 7 months. I graduated from my Masters on a distinction (proudest moment of my life FYI). I moved to Melbourne and moved in with my sister – best decision ever! I started my first full-time job – which has honestly been bloody amazing and I feel so privileged to have it!! My boyfriend then moved back to QLD – our timing is great right? – back to long distance we go. But overall the challenges this year has been a blessing, I feel so much stronger and sure of myself!

Our view for Christmas day!

I celebrated this huge year back up in QLD with my family. On Christmas, we changed it up a little by hopping on the boat over to Wave Break Island. For the rest of my 10 days off, I spent it catching up with friends and hanging out with Jackson in Byron Bay and Maleny – honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! It was a busy 10 days but I have never felt so relaxed. I completely forgot about work and it was the best.

The view from Maleny – isn’t is gorgeous!


Ok now back to this ‘New Years Resolution’ business. Its been a few hours and I am already sick of all the ‘New Year New Me’ Posts. Why is it that everyone needs to wait until the New Year to make a change?

You can start afresh anytime you like. Starting eating healthier, exercising more, do more of what you love any time of the year.

But alas there is hype about starting afresh for the New Year. So I want to write a different sort of blog post this year. Setting goals are one of the best ways to keep yourself on track for your purpose. So many people set goals that are so vague, unrealistic – basically, you are setting yourself up for failure with goals such as these – aka ‘in 2018 I will eat healthier’.

How is that measurable? When will you know you have reached your goal? What happens when a birthday comes around and you eat a huge piece of chocolate cake?

This year, I urge you to create SMART goals! Don’t know what they are? Keep reading.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time Bound

Be ultra-specific about what you want to achieve – you say you want to eat healthier, but is that to lose weight? Or do you want to eat more fruits and vegetables?

Make it measurable – how much weight do you want to lose/gain? How many fruits and vegetables do you need to eat per day?

 Achievable – If you hate eating vegetables and fruits or hate exercising it is a bit extreme to make sure you eat 10 vegetables a day or 1000 pushups by the end of the year… Go big of course, but still make sure it is something you can actually achieve in the time!

Make your goal relevant to your life. Align your goals this year to the purpose you have defined for your life. Make them relevant to what you want to get out of life in the bigger picture! That could be towards your social life, health and wellbeing, business or work!

Make sure you time-bound your goal. Set a date that you can measure your goal to assess if you have been successful in achieving it. That may be the end of 2018, the middle of the year, or even just 1 month away!

There you go, that is smart goals, now take your list of goals and apply these 5 strategies to it to make them SMART!!!


One more tip to sticking to your goals, check in with them. Read over them every day, you are much more likely to keep them at the forefront of your mind!

Shelley xx

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