Take your picnic to the next level with these delicious morsels of savoury goodness… aka the ultimate savoury muffin. They are super easy to whip together, healthy and packed with so many delicious flavours they are sure to be a ground pleaser!


The Ultimate Savoury Muffins

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2 cups self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder


1 large zucchini

1 large carrot

60g black pitted olives

100g sundried tomatoes

2 sprigs of Rosemary

5 chives

100g Danish Feta

3/4 cup milk (plant based milk can be used)

2 eggs

100g butter, melted.


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Prep TIME: 15mins
Cooking TIME: 20mins


Preheat the oven to 160C and grease a muffin tray with spray olive oil.

First Prep the ingredients. Grate the zucchini and carrot. Slice the olives and sun-dried tomatoes thinly. Roughly chop the chives and remove the rosemary from the sprigs.

In a large bowl combine the flour and baking powder. Then add in carrot, zucchini, olives, sundried tomatoes and herbs. Crumble the feta into the bowl and then stir until all ingredients are coated in flour.

Make a well in the centre and add in eggs, milk and melted butter. Stir with a wooden spoon until mixture is just combined. Divide the mixture among 12 muffins holes. Then bake in the oven for 15mins or until golden brown. Enjoy hot with a little butter or cold with a fresh salad!