Towards the end of last year, long distance boify flew down for one last little trip together, just us. Something we rarely got in our long distance journey as he lived with his parents in QLD and I lived with my sister in Melbourne, and though they always gave us space to go out alone, there is something really different about have 4 days just completely alone with your loved one – especially when long distance comes into it.


It is trips like this that we learnt a lot about each other. We learnt that I love to relax by being active, and he would rather anything other than going on a long hike, walk or bike ride. The difference? I worked a 9-5 and sat at a desk for the majority of my job, meanwhile he works on large properties as a fencer, aka out doors all day, lifting heavy materials and working his but off.


I didn’t realize it before this weekend, but bright was perfect for just that.


I found this gorgeous little cottage on Air BnB – I have linked it here, this is not sponsored just want to share this gorgeous place with amazing hosts! It was a little out of bright, had a little kitchen (which suits me perfectly, because even when I go away I love to cook some meals at home), a fire place for the chilly nights, a comfy couch to snuggle up and watch movies and the highlight – a spa bath! That I must add was large enough to fit both of us – a rare occurrence when you are 6’3 and your boyfriend is 6’8.


So my first tip:

#1 take the time to find the perfect accommodation that fits your needs and budget!


Air BnB is great for this. I really recommend staying out of town, there are so many gorgeous properties to stay on and really allow for great privacy, you can often wander around the properties, just check with your host first! And who doesn’t love snuggling up in the cold of a little mud brick cottage watching a fire – for me I don’t think you could get anything more romantic.


Whilst the accommodation is important, there is so much more that bright has to offer. There is an excellent bike track, the rail trail, with wineries all along it. Or as we did, rode the 8km into town for a delicious lunch and then sat along the oven’s river and just relaxed for a while watching the water flow by. (can you see the compromises we make in relationships? I got to go for a ride, Jackson got to sit and chill for a while!!)


#2 Take your bikes away with you, or if not possible, hire a couple of bikes for the day – you can even get tandem bikes in town!


Now for the best part of the trip. We took a little drive about half way up Mt Buffalo, where we then walked 400m along a track and came across the infamous Ladies Baths. This was the absolutely highlight of my trip. We took a picnic, found a large rock to sit on basked in the sun (mainly the shade, because we are both pasty white red heads) and had a picnic, watching the waterfall. Then attempted a swim, but be warmed even in late October it was freezing in the water! So…


#3 Pack a picnic and head up to Ladies Baths.


The best part about this day was it was out of peak season so we literally had the whole place to our selves for a few hours. We only saw one group pass by the track in that entire time.

#4 Try and go in the off-season, or as least a weekend/weekday you know will be quite (aka we went the weekend before Melbourne cup, so basically knew a lot of people wouldn’t be travelling that weekend)


While you are at Mt Buffalo I also strongly recommend you driving all the way to the top, this takes about 20-30min but the view is one of the best I have EVER seen. This photo doesn’t do it justice.

Now whilst I love to cook at home, even on holidays – and it is definitely better on the wallet – I also love to check out the local places, in particular bars in these small towns. They always seem to have a nice vibe about them. So on our last night we got dressed up, and by that I mean I work jeans and Jackson actually wore clothes that matched (ok I am a little harsh on him – anyone else’s partner struggle with the whole dress sense thing?, but I love him for it! He just doesn’t care!).

We went to dinner at the Bright Brewery; we started off with a tasting plate of their beers and then sat out side in the warm breeze and enjoy a delicious dinner.


#5 Head down to bright brewery for a drink and stay for a delicious dinner – its not your usual pub feed that’s for sure!


The last and probably the most important tip for your romantic weekend away, and while this are hard for me to say because I love to be busy and active. It is so important to sometimes just stop everything and snuggling on the couch, while watching a movie with the fire place going or have a spa with your partner – if you are lucky enough to find a place with one!


#6 Take time out from activities to just be with your partner, friends, loved ones. Chat about what ever your heart desires, and just be present!

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