Myth: You can eat as much as you want, as long as it’s healthy

Bliss balls are healthy right? Yes. But so is CHEESE, so is WATERMELON, and so is WATER. But too much of any of these can be dangerous. Yes, even too much water can be incredibly bad for you.


Fact: Too much of anything is bad for you.


An over consumption of water can lead to water intoxication or Hyponatremia. If you drink Litres of water in a very short time it can cause the level of sodium in your blood to drop way too low causing a whole host of problems.


Yes, this condition is very rare, but the point I am trying to make is that arguably the ‘healthiest’ thing for us can cause serious issues when we consume far too much.


This brings us back to the over used word (but one I will always use) …. MODERATION.


You have heard it before. But is there really validity behind it? Well yes, but let’s dig a bit deeper.


When we allow ourselves to eat all food in moderation, we take the stress out of eating. We can then enjoy the food that is around us. The problem with moderation is that it is now being taken and used from a place of restriction. But when we strip it back to the meaning of the word:


‘Moderation is about finding the balance between two extremes’ in the case of foods it is between deprivation and overindulgence.


I spoke on my Instagram stories about this last week. Achieving moderation around food can be difficult. I struggle with it myself sometimes. I often find myself saying I shouldn’t eat something or I find myself at the end of a chip packet I have just opened. BUT THAT IS OK!


No one is perfect, and no one is going to ‘get it right’ every single time.


So why do we feel the need to label foods as healthy and good/unhealthy and bad. Instead of restricting ourselves for so long that we give in and over indulge in something, ask yourself why you are restricting yourself from eating that slice of cake? Is it because society (or Instagram influencers) tell you it’s unhealthy and should opt for bliss balls instead?


Bliss balls are constantly referred to as healthy, giving people the permission to eat the whole bowl of them in one sitting. But they are often laden with dates and nuts which if you eat a lot of them are very high in calories and sugar!


No food is inherently BAD for us. We aren’t going to eat a certain food and keel over and die or clog our arteries with one bite of fried chicken. Instead it is how much we eat of it that causes the problem.


So, this week I urge you to question WHY when you find yourself labelling food a certain way or preventing yourself from eating it.  


What do you struggle with the most? What foods do you always find yourself restricting or bingeing?


Let me know your thoughts below and let’s chat!