My complete Guide to Moving Interstate (Or just moving in general)

Moving is stressful

I get it. Between working, finding a new job, packing up everything you own, planning the removalist, car rego everything it is hard! Trust me, I am 25yrs old and lived in over 18 houses!


This was my 2nd time moving cross-country, well technically my fourth but I won’t count the times as a child because my parents were in charge then, oh and I have lived in over 18 houses in my life. But trust me I know what its like packing up all your life belongings and moving interstate. When I moved down to Melbourne over 18 months ago I thought I would be down here for a while, so I bought everything with me.

I bought all my photography props, all my clothes, all my kitchen gear, a fridge, my bed even my textbooks – yup after 6 years of relying on them I couldn’t bring myself to sell them. I have a dream of having a big wall of books in my house one day and they will be taking pride place. But back to what you came here for….


I am not going to lie, moving interstate is both stressful and expensive. The expense is hard to escape, but a little planning can definitely alleviate the stress.


#1 Plan well in advance
get quotes from removalists, backloading in particular
know where you are wanting to move for – this is for all the renters out there plan ahead for work


#2 pack wisely 
The long travel time means things can get broken easily, you also want to be as economical as possible so use your blankets, dooners, pillows to wrap up plates etc – this will save you money with the space you take up in the truck, pack things into cupboards you have to move.

#3 Declutter
 Trust me you don’t need that ripped jumper, or that extra set of cutlery.


#4 organize

Internet, electricity, gas and water ahead of time, register your new address with the electoral commission. These are those little things that seem insignificant, but if you don’t do it early enough it can mean no internet or worse electricity at your new house when you first move in!


#5 Forward your mail
You can now pay just over $20 to forward your mail to your new house with Australian Post! Or better yet try and change all your bills and mail to electronic versions – its better for the environment that way too!


#6 recruit a friend 
This only applies to those driving to their new destination. I recruited my boyfriend, I was moving to join him after all. When you have to drive over 2 days to get someone trust me you are going to be thankful you bought someone along!


#7 pack for your travel
Prepare for being without all you ‘things’ for at least 1 week. Pack a bag or a few that will travel in your car to your new place. Make sure you have enough clothes, some basic cooking equipment and your person documents! 


#8 plan your route to your new state and pack snacks chances are you will going through some dead spots for reception so it can help to download the maps or at least have highway names you are supposed to be on. Trust me when I helped Jackson move down the first time we ended up driving over 4hrs out of the way. Of course I get the blame even though it was my time to sleep and his to drive…


Have fun! It can be stressful but it also means the start of an exciting new adventure!

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