Yep, this week this I said no to meal prep – something I do every single week!! I was going back to work after my tonsillectomy (ouch!!). And I just didn’t have it in me. I have still had the really low energy this week, the surgery really threw me about a lot more than I thought it would. I had had a week and half of hardly being able to eat, so going back to work – to a very busy week was about enough for me to face.

But then EAT FIT FOOD came to the rescue. Someone else did the cooking for me.

No, I am not talking about takeaway in the post, instead I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the new trend of healthy meal prepped meals delivered to your door.

  I never thought I would be someone that would want this. I love cooking and my sister and I always dedicate time on a Sunday or Monday night to meal prep for the week. But the request to try this new brand came just at the perfect time.

I knew I was going back to a really busy week back at work – we are starting to implement all of our projects so I would be rushing about. But I also knew going back to a busy week after a week and half of the recovery I would be struggling for energy by the time I got home from work.

And I was right. I am halfway through that week now and I have Zero. Zip. Nothing left in the tank by the time I get home. So this week meal delivery has been a lifesaver.

I have been trying out the new vegan menu for Eat Fit Food this week. Yum. All of the meals have been delicious. They are really fresh, seasoned well and cooked well. I always worried about these meals in the past because you have to ‘reheat’ them and that could make them all mushy. But they are still super fresh!

My sister has been helping me eating the three-day menu – simply because some of it is slightly too crunchy for my recovering throat and she has loved them all too. That’s big; she is an even harder critic than me.

What I love about these meals is that they are all nutritionally balanced and prove that eating vegan can be flavoursome, delicious and nutritious – something that is often forgotten by common meat eaters. All of the meals are designed by a dietician and cooked by a chef to ensure the high quality is maintained.

While I won’t be giving up my meal prepping ways anytime soon – let’s be honest it takes work, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper. Eat Fit Food will be a great back up for me when things just get a little too much like they have this week.

Shelley xx