I quit my DREAM JOB and have never been HAPPIER…

This international women’s day I am taking the time to reflect on the big changes I have made in my life. AND take time notice that only when I take a major leap out of my comfort zone, do I achieve great things. 


I studied for nearly 6 years and worked by butt off to make myself a good applicant for that job, I volunteered, I developed my own initiatives, I worked to pay my way through uni. I still remember getting the call back, I was in my tiny little office at uni finalizing my research paper, and when I saw that number light up on my phone I was shaking.

I couldn’t believe after all the hard work I had put in it was finally paying off. It was my dream job. Working in the community, with the community to educate and empower to help improve their health outcomes.

I quickly moved to Melbourne to start my job just a few days after I completed my Masters. This is a job that a lot of my fellow students were still struggling to find, jobs in health promotion are few and far between. I don’t want to stay I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones, because I know the work I put in to get here.

But when I moved to Melbourne, I also found I finally had time on the weekends to cook and shoot more for my blog – I always struggled to keep up with it at uni. Then I started to reach out to brands, and more and more brands started to reach out to me to develop recipes and shoot products for them. My weekends got consumed.

I started to resent going to work during the week, as I wanted to be back in the kitchen, or in my make shift studio or behind my computer editing. I quickly realized that what I thought was my dream job, really never was.

What I thought was my dream job, was actually just a crutch that prevented me from the creative side of my life that I had grown so much through uni. It was the job I got because after you study for 6 years you don’t go out on your own, you go and work for a big organization. This is not to saying health promotion is not my passion, it whole-heartedly is. Nutrition, Health Promotion, cooking and photography – that is my jam! What wasn’t my passion was doing it for someone else.

And if I learnt anything at uni, it was that you have to accept when your life path takes a new direction, it isn’t failure to admit that you have ‘changed your mind’. It is a big strength to find what you are passionate about. I am lucky to say at 25 years old that I have found that and that is because I have worked hard to find out exactly what it is.

I tried catering, I tried hospitality, I tried nutrition consultations, I tried health promotion in a NGO setting. I really have tried it all, and finally come out with something that makes me randomly jump around the house with excitement at times, because I’m finally living it.

If there is any advice I can give, try everything. Anything and everything that interests you – give it a go. You never know what might light your fire, but keep it burning!

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