What is Healthy School lunches?


As a community we want to provide the best nutrition for our kids. We want to inspire change in school tuck shops and educate children about healthy food options. This starts with providing healthy options at the school Tuck shop - backed by Nutritionists to ensure your kids get the best!

We aim to:

1.     Making healthy food fun and tasty.

2.     Change the way kids look at food.

3.     Educate and empower kids, parents and teachers to make better food choices for a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Ebook - Healthy Home Bake - was created to inspire you to continue this healthy lifestyle at home. It contains 10 of my favourite healthy sweet treats (all given the tick of approval by kids!), as well as my pantry essentials, to make your healthy baking as easy as possible (without any superfood wankery!)

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