The Christmas Roast that will Cater for Everyone!

With Christmas just around the corner I am excited to share my delicious new creation with you all!

Are you vegan? Gluten intolerant? or have guests coming over that are? Be the best host for Christmas this year with this Vegan Pumpkin Nut Roast. 

Yes I am prepared to say this could easily compete with the traditional Christmas roast! 

The other night I had a little Christmas dinner party with friends. Ok really it was just the excuse to test out my new recipes, but they weren’t complaining! The highlight of the dinner was this Vegan Roast (coming in close second were the crispy mashed potatoes. YUM!!)

This is not your usual Nut Roast however. I had to put my little spin on things as usual. 

A different take on the Nut roast, fill with mushrooms for that delicious flavour. But my favourite part, the Puy lentils. Coupled with the nuts and seeds, the lentils provide a delicious flavour as well a packing this dish full of protein!

Using psyllium husk to bind the nut roast not only makes this dish vegan, but also gluten free. For Nut allergies simply substitute the nuts for more seeds!

And then all stuffed inside a mouth-watering butternut pumpkin. Could Christmas lunch get any better?



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