Summer Seasonal Eats

This is the first of my new block of blog posts! Each month I am going to pick a new theme. The idea is to keep you informed on the easiest ways to eat seasonally, and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, and the best part reducing the cost (I guess thats still the student in me), along with a blog post every week, I will also provide you weekly recipes, and a monthly interview from some of the best foodies and companies out there!

So I guess you can guess where I am going to start...

Summer is well on its way. It early November and we are already hitting the mid 30's in Queensland - quick get me a pool ASAP. Why I suffer in the summer heat, well more my pale irish skin suffers, it has to be my favourite foodie time of year. 

From juicy mangoes, to rhubarb, Avocado, Mango, Snow peas, asparagus, oh and did I mention MANGO? Yes I love this time of year. I have fond memories of devouring a whole mango and little kid on my birthday (yes, I'm a summer baby!)

To make it easy, I made up a table of seasonal fruit and vegetables for summer:

If theres anytime to try your hand at growing herbs, now is it, they thrive in the heat!

If theres anytime to try your hand at growing herbs, now is it, they thrive in the heat!

Now for the Nutritional Benefits:

Summer is typically a time for light food - as you will see in the table above, there are fewer 'starchy' vegetables available. The seasonal vegetables often lend themselves towards beautiful summer salad. I recommend including a source a source of carbs (that are also high in fibre) to help fill you up for long, and meet your nutritional needs. My favourite are brown rice or tri coloured quinoa mixed through salads!

As for the fruit, summer provides the goods with nutritional packed delights! All of your yellow fruits - mango, peaches, nectarines etc are packed full of beta carotene (Vitamin A) which are great for healthy skin and healthy eyes! You can find my favourite summer recipe here... it may even cool you down this hot summer!

Berries - another reason I love summer... are delicious morsels of goodness. For the sweet punch they pack, they are surprising low in sugar. Berries are also fantastic for a good antioxidant punch. Though try watch your grape consumption, as they are one of the fruits highest in natural sugars!

As for the herbs and spices... this is you can add delicious flavours that pack a nutritional punch! Ginger is my all time favourite, it provides antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties that help your body fight off sickness. As for all the other herbs and spices I have listed above, the majority of herbs and spices are packed full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Here are a few of my favourites: 

Oregano: high in vitamin K and antioxidants.  This makes it great to help the body fight infection, and help with blood clotting and bone density. It is also known for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties - Ladies this one is for you, a natural remedy to reduce the menstrual cramps and relieve UTI's. 

Rosemary: Students this is for you! Rosemary is traditionally know for its ability to boost concentration and memory, as well as relieve stress. These properties are due to its high levels of antioxidants and anti-microbial agents.

Sage: known for its ability to enhance memory (it has even shown to improve speech in Alzheimer's patients). Sage is also has a high antioxidant actions.

The benefits of eating seasonal foods are incredible. Not only can it save you money, but seasonal produce is also highest in nutritional value, due to prime harvesting climate.

Make sure to tune in next week to hear all about the ways eating seasonally can save you money for your own pockets and help the economy while your at! (ps. don't forget to signup below to receive more updates in the world of food and nutrition straight to your inbox!)

Shelley xx