All About the Beets

Oh Hey there…. Wow has it been a while. How are you?

Before I start babbling on about what I came here to write about, I thought it would give a quick catch-up on what has been going on in my life (and why I have been anything but present on my blog!)

-       I have completed my first year of my Masters – only 1 more assignment to go before all classes are over.

-       My research topic has been approved for my last 6 months of Masters- eekkkk!!! à I’ll be investigating the implementation, design and uptake of food literacy programs targeting primary school children (if you know me at all – you know this is something I am incredibly passionate about!)

-       Last year (2016) I had the pleasure of creating 10 recipes for the Jamie Oliver Team (another EEEKKKK moment!)

-       I started working with companies like pink pitaya, jts’s coconut essence, and caffitaly and Mura Boutique creating imaginary and recipes for their brand.

-       I met my amazing boyfriend, who just recently relocated to Melbourne to play footy (Australian Football league – for those not from Australia!) for Williamstown FC – and I am so incredibly proud of him.

Ok so that’s not everything but it’s enough for now!

2016 was a huge year for me. I have mentioned all the high’s here, but there were also some low’s. I still struggle with over doing it, and my stress still gets completely out of control but for now I am loving life everything that I have to offer it! We need to stay positive about what we can bring to our life and those around us instead of dwelling on the negatives – who is with me??

Anyway enough about me, now for what I actually came here to talk about ‘BEETROOTS’ – or Love Beets to be exact.

The other day I went along to the Love Beets Media Brunch were we got to try out their delicious beets and beetroot juice (new product coming to stores near you – no this isn’t a paid post). The wonderful Danielle Dixon, ex master chef contestant, prepared a delicious feast for us. Including Beetroot walnut dip, a beetroot coconut smoothie bowl, Beet, Brie and Kale Frittata (YUM), and grilled vegetable quinoa salad.

It is fair to say this was a wonderful event to attend, the food was amazing but what I really liked most was learning more about the company behind the beets. Did you know the One Harvest actually created this company? Nope, me either.

One harvest have been the leaders in fresh produce around australia for years - providing us with fresh, healthy vegetable based products! And now they have created LOVE BEETS to spread the word about the amazing health benefits of the simple beetroot and increase their accessibility by making them easy and ready to consume.

That’s right, just because these beets have been ‘processed’ does mean they are bad for you, instead one harvest have just decided to do the hard work for you…. Peel and cook the beets (a process that can take 1-2hrs) to make sure people have access to the wonderful benefits of beets!

So what are these amazing benefits?

-       Rich in potassium which is good for Heart Health

-       Contains Potassium and Nitrate to help Lower Blood pressure

-       Increase Exercise performance and stamina for long lasting energy

-       Loaded with Iron to fight anemia and fatigue

-       Rich in Calcium for maintaining Strong Bones

-       Contains Folic acid for pre-natal care

-       High in vitamin C keeping a strong Immune System

-       High in fibre for a health Digestive System

To top it off, beetroot juice has actually been shown to be one of the best pre-workout drinks. A study was done on athletes and they all performed better after consuming beetroot juice. And well they taste AMAZING!

Ok I think I have rattled on about Beetroots enough for now. If you are interested in getting hold of some of these beets for yourself they can be found at your local Coles – otherwise head over to their site to find a stockiest near you!

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I really want to starting blogging more this year, and sharing my delicious kitchen creations with you. If there is anything in particular you want to see on the blog comment below or head to my instagram @shelleysgoodeats to tell me what you want to see!

Signing off for now

Shelley x