5 Ways to Give Yourself a Little Love this Valentines Day…

The trend to ‘love yourself’ is a growing force on social media, but who actually practices what they preach? I am a strong advocate that you first need to love yourself before you can love another human. One thing quickly learned by my now boyfriend when I blurted out on our 2nd date that I don’t compromise on things, I know what I like, I know what I want for my life…. Ok obviously I look back on that now, after almost a year with him and laugh at how blunt I was, I came out the complete wrong way and he did not take it well. BUT the point of those words (just maybe find a better less harsh way of saying it) is exactly what you need to come to terms with. YOU need to find what you like, YOU need to find what you love in life, YOU need to love your body and look after it…. Only YOU can do that.

A little work I did for bailey's last week...

A little work I did for bailey's last week...

A little work for cafe Italy last year - but who doesn't love cake and coffee for valentines right? This is my boyfriends favourite cake - do yourself and favour and make it - get the recipe here!

A little work for cafe Italy last year - but who doesn't love cake and coffee for valentines right? This is my boyfriends favourite cake - do yourself and favour and make it - get the recipe here!

Being that it is Valentines Day today I thought this was the perfect day to write about love. But instead of the traditional love for your partner, I am talking about the LOVE FOR YOURSELF.


If you don’t truly love yourself, and know what you want from life (ok that doesn’t mean you have it all figured out – but you know the sort of person you want to be) how can you love another?. For me, that is being a kind, loving passionate person, but still totally badass that doesn’t let crap get her down. To get to this point you need to do a few things to look after yourself and spend a little time alone to figure yourself out so….


Here are 5 ways to love yourself this Valentines Day (and every day…)

1.     Be single – this is probably the biggest one, Girls let yourself be alone – totally alone, a period where you aren’t chasing anyone, or letting anyone chase you, just be single. Because being alone is the fastest way you will find what you love and what you want – why? Because you have the say over everything you do.

In this time, learn to love yourself, love your body, love you mind, and love what you do. Come to terms with being lonely, comes to terms with being sad – and let yourself feel these feelings. But in the end pick yourself up, love yourself and be a total bad ass rocking the life you choose for yourself.  


2.     Take Time Out – well I guess this goes along with being single, but this is important no matter what stage of your life you are at, be that single or married with kids! Take time out to read a book, watch a cheesy movie or whatever it is your do to relax. I try and do this for at least 10mins every morning and every night. I pick up a book and read a few pages – and I have seriously seen and improvement in my work, stress and relationships.


3.     Do what feels good – Exercise because you want to feel good, not because you need to fit into that perfect dress for Saturday night. Eat the food you love to eat and eat well because you care about your body – come on you wouldn’t expect a blog post from me with out talking about how its ok to eat cake right? Lastly, work because you love what you do, not because it is a chore.

So many people around (or all ages might I add) are unhappy with what they are doing, where they take themselves off to work everyday. No you can’t just walk out of your job, there are bills to pay after all. BUT you can be working towards something you love. Once you find something you are truly passionate about, you will want to come back from a hard day at your job and work on it, you will want to spend hours and hours studying to reach your goal. So I am going to say this one more time – find something you love, and work towards it every single day.


4.     Don’t compare yourself to others – so this one is just about everywhere, but it is so so so so true. I fall into this habit all the time. I scroll through instagram and start doubting that I am fit enough, I start to doubt my photos are any good, even though minutes before I would be jumping up and down with how happy I was with them. We need to cut the crap and STOP IT. Because when you work so hard to love yourself and be totally you, comparing yourself to others with take you 10 steps back.


5.     Find what you want out of life – ok so I have already spoken about taking time to find what you are passionate about, taking time to love your body and yourself. Here comes the step to bring it all together. Discover what you want out of life, discover the kind of person you want to be. Then whenyou do find someone to share your life with stand strong with what you love. Yes relationships are about compromise, but that does not mean you should give up the things you love about yourself. Stand strong with your partner, support each and it will be a relationship built on trust – this is true to any relationship – friends, family and partners…


I hope I have managed to say this without rambling too much, or sounding way to corny… but it is something I had to write about – because it is so so very important to LOVE YOURSELF.


Comment below your favourite way to show yourself a little love!

Shelley xx

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