New Year, New Goals.

Its that time of year that we all start contemplating our lives and making ‘resolutions’, that well, we all know there is about a 10% chance we will actually stick to. 

Resolutions are something we think up, to RESOLVE a problem in our lives. But I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. No I am not happy with how everything played out in 2015. I wanted my blog to be more successful, I wanted to be preparing for my Masters, I wanted to travel more, and be more financially independent at the moment, I wanted to be fitter. 

Instead I am I have been on an emotional rollercoster. I have been lonely. I have had trouble with friends. There has been times where my bank account is has hit a big fat ZERO – that was a really scary time for me. I have always been someone that has a little safety net. 

But still I wouldn’t have it any other way. Without these things happening I wouldn’t be were I was today. I wouldn’t be striving to do better, and do things for me. I wouldn’t have the ability to say no, so I don’t out stretch myself. I don’t want to resolve these ‘problems’; I want to acknowledge what they gave me. 

So instead of resolutions, this year I have made GOALS. Goals should be something that are measurable, realistic, but that also push you to do greater! Goals are something new that you want to achieve (or something that you want to build on).

I wrote them all down and included that in my vision board. Who else loves creating vision boards? Share your pictures of yours in the comments below! 

My vision board has prime place in my room. It includes all the things I love and all the things that are important in my life. On top of my goals, it also provides me with encouragement and motivation for the things I want to achieve, and the person that I want to be. 

Anyway enough of putting it off. Here it goes. My Goals for 2016:

1.     20mins a day technology free. ‘Me Time’

-       I admit it, I spend way to much time on my phone, computer and even just watching TV. Well not watching more I like to have it on in the background, but it still distracts me. Anyone else with me? But having that much time consumed with technology and social media can take a toll. So this year, I am aiming to have 20 mins just to me. Whether it be reading a book, doing my nails, or writing in a journal!

2.     Exercise 5 times a week – even if it is just a 30min walk

- Yes Of course I want to be fitter. Not skinny, fitter. But that is not what this goal is about. I have felt the benefits of regular exercise – the best of which itincreases your mood!!

3.     Advance ‘Healthy School Lunches’  to 1 more school

-       Arhh my new project! My passion project. Don’t get me wrong,I am passionate about nutrition for people of any age, but I think it all begins with your childhood. I want to teach kids the benefits of creating a healthy relationship with food, and give them access to food that will boost there concentration and learning experience. As you can, this is the prime example of where goals can get out of hand and very unrealistic, because well passion gets in the way.  SO I am starting small. I aim to have healthy school lunches in 1 more school by the end of 2016! I would love you to show your support – or if you think your kids school would benefit, let me know in the comments section below!

4.     Save for Trip to India and Nepal

-       If know me well, you will know all I want to do it travel. And my next destination is India and Nepal. Don’t ask me why, but I feel the universe pulling me there! I want to trek through the mountains in Nepal, and experience the culture and ‘rough it’ in india.

5.     Start Nutrition Consultations

-       This is something I have been wanting to do in a while. The reason I studied Nutrition was because I wanted to help people on their health journey.  But it has something I have been scared about for a long time. Would people want to talk to be about there health issues, would they want my advice?

6.     Love myself more

-       So as you could probably tell from my last goal, I can be a little sensitive. Ok a LOT sensitive. But instead of the usual goal of ‘Care Less of what people think of me’. I want to instead love myself more. People will always have an opinion, and most people wont be afraid to state it. But I am not going to resolve my sensitivity. I am a sensitive person, without it, I wouldn’t be who I am. So Instead I am going to love myself. Love my sensitivity, Love my imperfections!

7.     Inspire, Educate, Encourage!!!!

-       Ok not really a measurable ‘Goal’ as such, but this sums up what I want to achieve in my life and the person that I want to be. I want to inspire, educate and encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle both a healthy diet (or more a relationship with food) and a healthy mind!

I hope this inspires you to sit down and write out your goals (writing them down, always makes your more accountable) SO what are your goals for 2016?

Shelley x