Hear it from the Professionals...

To round off my month dedicated to eating seasonally, I spoke to a professional on the matter - the wonderful Johnny from Charlies Fruit Markets. If you have ever visited Charlie's (Located in Everton Park) I am sure you would have seen the smiling welcoming face of Johnny - and well the rest of the team really!

It is one of my favourite places to pick up my produce - not only because it is always delicious, but I can always rely on the quality of the produce, and the staff are always happy to assist if I can't find anything (or can't carry everything I bought). But my current favourite feature of Charlie's Fruit Market is there online service. With free delivery straight to my door, It couldn't be any better - Anything to save a bit of time in this busy period I say!

Nice Cream bowls from Raw squeeze!

Nice Cream bowls from Raw squeeze!

So Now to here is a bit from Johnny himself!

Tell us a little bit about Charlie's Fruit Market?

Charlie's fruit market family owned business since 1974, originally bought
by Tony and kay. Charlie's has been passed down to their sons Johnny and
Michael. The family tradition has continued to grow and charlies now
includes an online delivery service spanning Brisbane and Coastal regions.
Plus a new Wholesale Website providing fresh fruit and veg to the
restaurants hotels and schools of Brisbane.

The ever expanding fruit shop is open 24/7, offering an extensive range of
organic and vegan products in addition to their general fruit and veg
produce section. Offering a 7 days quality guarantee on all produce.
Charlie's has won several organic produce and business awards also earning a
place in Brisbane largest restaurant guide ' Urban list' for their vegan
juice bar Raw Squeeze.

What is Raw Squeeze?

Raw Squeeze is A Superfood Vegan Juice Bar, providing everything vegan from
Treats, to Real food, and Dairy free Smoothies....
It has only been established for one year and already won several awards for 'Best Acai
Bowls' , Best Vegan Desert Place' , 'Best Clean Eats', just to name a few. 

So this month on my blog is dedicated to eating seasonally - why do you think it is important to eat seasonally?

Eating seasonally is that you get the best tasting, healthiest food
available.  Ideally, this means you're getting fruits and vegetables that
haven't had time to lose their flavour or their health benefits by sitting
in a shipping container for a trip across the ocean. 

Delicious, fresh summer seasonal produce!

Delicious, fresh summer seasonal produce!

What are the benefits? Both for consumers and your suppliers?

Every few month or two, we're trying something new, and that's a good
thing for our taste buds and our health.  Different vegetables and fruits
contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. The produce does not need to be stored as long, and it is easier get supplies locally. 

Lastly what is your favourite produce that is seasonal to summer?

Mangoes, just love mangoes, can't not get enough of them.

It looks like Johnny I am have something in common. Get my favourite mango smoothie Bowl recipe here!

Well now you have heard it from the professional. Eating seasonally is not only about bring the family together to enjoy delicious food, but it also means getting the most nutrient dense, quality produce! 

You can find more about Charlies Fruit market here:

Website: http://www.charliesfruitmarket.com.au

Instagram: @charliesfruitmarket

Facebook: Charlies Fruit Market

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