Shelleys good eats is a platform to build healthy relationships with food. It is a place to ditch the diets, the guilt and the confusion. It is a place to provide clarity with evidence based research and nutrition education! But mostly it is a place to inspire your to be the healthiest you, both physically and mentally.

A bit about Shelley

I am a passionate foodie, amateur photographer and nutrition nut! I studied a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition at The University of Queensland, and am currently furthering my study with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition. I am also a Food Revolution Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.

My love for food sprouted from the day I began cooking along side my mother at the ripe age of 3. Now I want to use my knowledge in nutrition to share the message of health and educate others about the importance of a healthy relationship with food – yes that means I eat cake.

I love working with kids, and believe that is the starting point for living a healthy lifestyle. Through this love, I founded Healthy School Lunches, a program to inspire both Schools and Parents to educate there children on the benefits of healthy eating, and teach them the basics of cooking!

For recipe development, food photography, and product reviews contact me at