Why breakfast is THE most important meal of the day...

We are constantly on the search for easy breakfast options. They have to tick all the boxes: Healthy, Easy, Quick, delicious! Now that doesn't sound too hard or does it? Still we are seeing stats that nearly 75% of Australians aren't having breakfast in the morning. Now why is this so shocking? Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day...

Think about it, you have just starved yourself for the last 10-12hrs. That is why it is so important to not only hydrate your body first thing in the morning, but also eat a well balanced meal of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Basically all those stores need to be topped up to start you day off well, and most importantly set yourself up for the day. 

You need carbohydrates for energy - aka those little glucose molecules that are found in your blood, as well as stored in your cells as glycogen. It is actually the preferred energy source for most of your organs and muscles. Yes thats right, opposed to popular opinion carbohydrates are actually the preferred source of energy for your brain. So top up on them in the morning to ensure that your brain has lots to work with.

That is where it is important to bring in the healthy fats and protein. This will stop you from crashing from the influx of carbohydrates. Protein in particular, is important for satiety - in basic terms it keeps you full for a long time. BUT once again we are seeing stats that 50% of people don't get protein until noon!!! 

If you include protein in your breakfast, it will not only keep you full for longer, but also prevent you for diving for the sugary snack come morning tea, and help you to prevent those cravings hitting you at full force.

That is why when the Jamie Oliver team shared the Food Revolution recipes with us this year I was excited to see breakfast fruit wraps. What is my take on that?

A mixture between a crepe and pancake made predominantly from oats to provide a slow release of carbohydrates and high dose of fibre. There is also egg in the pancake for protein and then top it off with peanut butter (or your favourite nut butter) for a dose of protein and healthy fats. Lastly topped of with berries and cacao nibs for a delicious burst of flavour and antioxidants!

The pancake its self has no sugar in it, because I prefer to drizzle it will a little honey on top (can anything beat peanut and honey??). This also means though that this pancake works perfectly with savoury ingredients, so if you swing the savoury way try top it with tahini, peas and feta!!

Easy Oaty Pancake...

1/2 cup oats

1 tsp bi carb soda

1 egg

1/4 cup milk

1tbsp peanut butter

2 tsp honey

Berries or preferred fruit

1tsp cacao nibs (optional)

Click here to see method...


What is your favourite breakfast recipe? Comment below and share the love!!

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Eating Seasonally on a Budget!

The most common excuse I hear as a nutritionist, is that it is too expensive to eat healthy... Trust me I get it, life can be expensive! The past four years, I have lived out of home. I was lucky enough to live on campus for two of those years. But for two years now I have had to do a lot of adulting.. Paying my own bills, cooking for myself, working to pay said bills, you get it?

Food for me, has also been a high priority on my budgeting list (lets just say, food is basically my life), yet still I have managed to budget, and not miss out on any of the fun things that come with being a student - I even managed to save enough to take myself on a 3month holiday around europe. Whilst I must say - leading a Nutritious Healthy and most importantly Delicious diet!

Freezing at the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris #PrayforParis

Freezing at the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris #PrayforParis

HOW DID I DO IT? you might ask...

The best tip I can give to eating healthy on a tight budget is to Eat Seasonally. 

You know that time around mid september when strawberries drop from $6 to just $2 a punnet? Or when you know summer is just around the corner because score a tray of mangoes for just $10?

I always by an extra tray to freeze mangoes for smoothies!

I always by an extra tray to freeze mangoes for smoothies!

That there is the benefit of eating seasonally. When the right climate comes around, it is a lot easier to grow and harvest produce, this is one of the reasons the price dramatically drops when the produce is in season!

To get you started, I shared my favourite summer season Quiche  - Caramelised Leek and Mushroom Quiche - on my blog. This quiche costs me just $7.75 to make. It is packed full of all those important macro nutrients - Carbs, Protein, Fat! So not only is it nutritiously balanced I was able to get 6 meals out of it (thats just $1.29 a serve!!!)

Caramelised Leek and Mushroom Quiche (just $1.29 a serve!!)

Caramelised Leek and Mushroom Quiche (just $1.29 a serve!!)

Add a little salad to the side and you have yourself a healthy lunch for every day of the week for just $2. Yep thats right lunch for just $2 a day. Opposed to spending $10 a day on takeout. 

The best way to pick up seasonal cheap produce is to head to your local market, or local fruit shop (brisbanites make sure you check out Charlies Fruit Market). 

So now its time for a challenge. I challenge you to find your local markets, print off the table I shared last week, and buy seasonal produce next weekend - then watch your savings grow!

Tag me on instagram to share your market experience with me // or comment below to tell me about your favourite market in your local area!

Shelley xx


Summer Seasonal Eats

This is the first of my new block of blog posts! Each month I am going to pick a new theme. The idea is to keep you informed on the easiest ways to eat seasonally, and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, and the best part reducing the cost (I guess thats still the student in me), along with a blog post every week, I will also provide you weekly recipes, and a monthly interview from some of the best foodies and companies out there!

So I guess you can guess where I am going to start...

Summer is well on its way. It early November and we are already hitting the mid 30's in Queensland - quick get me a pool ASAP. Why I suffer in the summer heat, well more my pale irish skin suffers, it has to be my favourite foodie time of year. 

From juicy mangoes, to rhubarb, Avocado, Mango, Snow peas, asparagus, oh and did I mention MANGO? Yes I love this time of year. I have fond memories of devouring a whole mango and little kid on my birthday (yes, I'm a summer baby!)

To make it easy, I made up a table of seasonal fruit and vegetables for summer:

If theres anytime to try your hand at growing herbs, now is it, they thrive in the heat!

If theres anytime to try your hand at growing herbs, now is it, they thrive in the heat!

Now for the Nutritional Benefits:

Summer is typically a time for light food - as you will see in the table above, there are fewer 'starchy' vegetables available. The seasonal vegetables often lend themselves towards beautiful summer salad. I recommend including a source a source of carbs (that are also high in fibre) to help fill you up for long, and meet your nutritional needs. My favourite are brown rice or tri coloured quinoa mixed through salads!

As for the fruit, summer provides the goods with nutritional packed delights! All of your yellow fruits - mango, peaches, nectarines etc are packed full of beta carotene (Vitamin A) which are great for healthy skin and healthy eyes! You can find my favourite summer recipe here... it may even cool you down this hot summer!

Berries - another reason I love summer... are delicious morsels of goodness. For the sweet punch they pack, they are surprising low in sugar. Berries are also fantastic for a good antioxidant punch. Though try watch your grape consumption, as they are one of the fruits highest in natural sugars!

As for the herbs and spices... this is you can add delicious flavours that pack a nutritional punch! Ginger is my all time favourite, it provides antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties that help your body fight off sickness. As for all the other herbs and spices I have listed above, the majority of herbs and spices are packed full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Here are a few of my favourites: 

Oregano: high in vitamin K and antioxidants.  This makes it great to help the body fight infection, and help with blood clotting and bone density. It is also known for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties - Ladies this one is for you, a natural remedy to reduce the menstrual cramps and relieve UTI's. 

Rosemary: Students this is for you! Rosemary is traditionally know for its ability to boost concentration and memory, as well as relieve stress. These properties are due to its high levels of antioxidants and anti-microbial agents.

Sage: known for its ability to enhance memory (it has even shown to improve speech in Alzheimer's patients). Sage is also has a high antioxidant actions.

The benefits of eating seasonal foods are incredible. Not only can it save you money, but seasonal produce is also highest in nutritional value, due to prime harvesting climate.

Make sure to tune in next week to hear all about the ways eating seasonally can save you money for your own pockets and help the economy while your at! (ps. don't forget to signup below to receive more updates in the world of food and nutrition straight to your inbox!)

Shelley xx

5 tips to get more Veg in Your Diet

This week it is National Nutrition Week. Nutrition Australia have set the challenge for all Aussies to #TryFor5 serves of veg EVERY day for the week! Do you think you can do it? Why not take the pledge with me (and loads others) on Instagram as we include more veg in our diet.

To make it even easier I have listed my top FIVE tips to including more Veg in your diet (and even some ways to sneak them in for the kids). 

1. Be Prepared

Cut up carrots, cucumber, beans and capsicum ahead of time. To keep them super fresh, wrap them in paper down and keep them in air tight containers in the fridge. Now all you need in a delicious dip, and you've got the perfect snack.

2. Boost your Breaky

This is the perfect way to sneak those veg past the kids. Grate up carrot or zucchini and add them to your oats in the morning. A touch of cinnamon, few crushed nuts, and a dollop of your favourite yoghurt and you have yourself a delicious nourishing boosted breakfast. 

3. Pack the veg into your smoothie

Cut down the fruit and instead replace it with delicious greens. My favourite veg to add to smoothies: Avocado (makes for the creamiest smoothie), Cucumber, Kale, Spinach!

4. Grate it up!

Grate, finely chop, do you what ever you need to and mix all your spare veg into your meat patties, pasta bakes or my favourite Bolognese sauce. This is one of the best ways to get the veg in without the kids knowing. 

5. Homemade Hot Chips

My absolute favourite snack growing up - HOT CHIPS. Well know I've found the healthy option. Make your own at home from zucchini, sweet potato and carrot! simply cut the veg into chip size pieces, drizzle with a little oil and paprika, and bake in a hot oven for 30mins!

So what are you waiting for. Take the pledge here! And join me on Instagram to get more tips and meal ideas throughout the week!

Shelley x

Birthday Celebrations!

A long weekend at long last, and I wasn't working! While this long weekend is favoured by most for the array of sporting grand finals on offer, I couldn't say I was all that fussed. Instead this weekend was spent celebrating my Mum's Birthday! With my sister and step siblings all living far away, it was up to me to surprise my mum and treat her on her birthday. 

We are not big on presents in my family, and just like any other mother, mine is impossible to buy for. So instead I set out cooking all day thursday so I could surprise her (with the help of my step dad) with a picnic at her favourite spot, Burleigh Headlands!

Look at that view!!

Look at that view!!

The weather turned it on for our little picnic. I drove down from to the coast, with my car packed full of food, blankets, and cake, on friday morning. The one hour trip taking me nearly two hours, trust me cake transport is hard enough, let alone in a hot car for over 2 hours!!!

Picnic spread!

Picnic spread!

But alas, I made it down and set up the picnic just in time, with an eager magpie looking on.  Then along came my mum and step dad. For the first time I managed to pull off a surprise for my mum. When I saw her reaction it made all the hard work worth it.

I jagged the perfect spot!

I jagged the perfect spot!

We finally sat down to our meal. I had made crispy sweet potato fritters, kale salad with a blood orange vinaigrette (get the recipe here), red cabbage chopped salad as well as homemade pesto and hummus to go with carrot sticks and fresh rye sourdough! Yes, this was all for 3 people, lets just say we had lots of left overs.

Lemon and Zucchini cake

Lemon and Zucchini cake

Lastly, we had cake! If you read my last blog post, you would know my family (particularly my mum) believe that you must have cake on your birthday! And well, everything in moderation!

Similar to me, my mum is no a huge sweet tooth - I know shock horror, I always choose savoury over sweet! So for this birthday I made a 3 layered zucchini and lemon cake with lemon curd and cream cheese icing. I made the cake on whole meal flour, to increase the fibre content. The zucchini also provide a nutrient packed cake, as well as making for a delicious moist texture. 

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the perfect layers!

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the perfect layers!

I always love good quality family time, and this weekend was definitely packed full of it. You don't have to buy over the top, expensive presents to show people how much they mean to you. Instead a little effort can lead to a fabulous time, and really show them just how much they mean to you. The best part about a picnic: everything is homemade with love, so you know what the ingredients are, and can provide a healthy lunch for the family! 

L->R: Myself, My step dad Greg and lastly my Mother, Lynda

L->R: Myself, My step dad Greg and lastly my Mother, Lynda


Welcome to Shelley’s Good Eats.

The judgement free, diet free (and incredibly delicious) zone. Our aim is to help you build a healthy relationship with food that has been so lost in the world of technology, and instragram foodies.  

First off I would like to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Shelley, and I’m addicted to baking.

As soon as I could stand at the bench, I was in the kitchen cooking along side my mother and my older sister. I grew up in a relatively healthy, fit family, but that never stopped my mum from putting a delicious homemade sweet in my lunch box everyday for school. This taught me, the very important lesson I live my life by today - EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

Helping my mum out in the kitchen at age 3.

Helping my mum out in the kitchen at age 3.

When I first started uni, I began in a bachelor of science majoring in Biomedical science, with the full intent of going on into medicine. However, half was through my degree I became really unmotivated and lost the will to study.  After a lot of thought, and talking it over with everyone I knew I took the leap and changed my major to Nutrition and Food science. From that my passion for nutrition grew into what it is today. I found what I loved and was truly passionate about and all of a sudden the workload didn’t matter. 

I started Shelley’s Good Eats on instagram shortly after I changed my major as I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my baking adventures and nutritional facts that I learnt day to day, never expecting it to grow into what it is now.



Now graduated as a Nutritionist, I am excited to grow Shelley’s Good Eats even further and use it to help the wider community. Doing this through Nutritious catering, workshops and sharing with you my healthy tips and recipes here!

You may think it’s strange to see I (as a nutritionists) also make cakes to order. Well that is the baking side of me that I simply can’t give up. I think it is important to never restrict yourself. You are allowed to indulge yourself every once and in a while, especially for a celebration! Its what I was taught growing up, and now along with all of you, I want to share that message even further!

Cake decorating! 

Cake decorating! 

Here on my blog, I hope to provide a little clarity in the world of nutrition. So, if you have any questions, concerns please feel free to leave a comment!

Shelley xx

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